Loving Your Yorkie Unconditionally – Care and Feeding

My Yorkie Guide

Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! Yorkies are a very fun and loving breed and can give you years and years of joy. These babies are similar to human babies and will always crave your approval
and love. I usually allow my babies to leave for their forever homes between the age of 10-12 weeks. This is a very exciting time for you and your puppy.

Feeding Your Yorkie

Always keep fresh water available, preferably good bottled water. I recommend feeding your puppy high-quality dog food like Holistic Health Extension Little Bites with a good Freeze Dried Raw Topper like Small Batch, Primal, or Stella & Chewy. My Yorkies favorite are Duck and Rabbit. I recommend starting with 3 small servings a day until your puppy is 4-5 months old and then cutting back to twice a day, 1/4 cup feedings each.


Hypoglycemia, or ‘low blood sugar” is a common problem among Yorkie puppies and it is most common in puppies between the ages of 5 weeks and 4 months old. This condition can be easily prevented by the following:

1. Make sure your puppy doesn’t go too long between feeding. 3-4 small feedings per day and give your baby a pea size amount of Nutri-Cal right before bedtime.
2. Make sure your baby gets plenty of rest. Playtime is great, but remember your baby is still growing and will need an adequate amount of sleep time as well. Don’t overdo playtime!
3. Make sure you keep your baby in a warm environment and that he/she doesn’t get chilled.

Signs are loss of appetite, extreme lethargy, lack of coordination, trembling, muscle twitching, weakness, seizures, very pale gums. Most dogs will not eat or drink when they are in low sugar

If your baby Yorkie shows any of the signs listed you need to take IMMEDIATE ACTION!! Immediately rub honey, corn syrup, or Nuti-Cal on the lining of your baby’s cheeks, the tissue of the mouth, and under your baby’s tongue. Once you know that your baby is capable of
swallowing, give your baby Yorkies some more by mouth. If you do not see quick improvement, you need to seek immediate veterinary care.

Periodontal Disease in Yorkies

Small Breed Dogs, especially Yorkies, are prone to Periodontal Disease. This can lead to gum infections, tooth loss, and other serious health conditions if not taken care of. It is essential that you clean your Yorkies’ teeth on a daily basis and consider professional teeth cleaning at your
Veterinary Clinic as needed.

At Home Care


I highly recommend buying a small crate for your Yorkie. This will offer your puppy a secure place to sleep and stay warm when they can cuddle down inside to sleep. Place a nice soft washable bed at one end of the crate and a washable pee pad at the other end of the crate. The first few nights they will miss their siblings and may not sleep well, so giving your puppy a
stuffed animal or fleece animal to cuddle with will help a lot.


I have started housebreaking your puppy to indoor pee pads. Puppy pee pads are great ways to
get started. I recommend washable/reusable ones, as puppies like to play with and rip-up
disposable ones. I suggest having the pad within eye range of the puppy at all times in the beginning. And again, crates are wonderful ways to get your dog used to going on the pad, if the crate is large enough to have a pee area and also a bed and feeding areas. Positive reinforcement works best. Make sure and highly praise your baby when they pee on the pad. A firm “NO” will
suffice when they have a mistake.

The Tiny Dog Shuffle

Shuffle is a way of walking so as to not step on the tiny puppy. It is important to walk where your feet
never lose touch with the floor. Walk this way until the puppy learns not to walk in front of or
between your legs. Too often, I have heard of the story after story of these babies getting stepped on
or sat on. It is so important that your home be “baby-proofed” and that you make a few changes
when they enter into your life, such as shuffling. They will learn this in a short time, but until they
do, you will have to learn the Tiny Dog Shuffle. I have known some owners to attach jingle bells
to a harness or collar used only for this purpose, to know where they are at all times.

Don’t Allow Your Dog or Puppy to Jump

Yorkie puppies love to jump especially when playing. They jump and expect that you can always
catch them. You can’t. I highly recommend buying pet stairs for your couch, bed, or chairs,
especially if you have hard floors. Jumping on or off of a couch or chair could be very dangerous
for your Yorkie puppy. Be very careful holding them in your arms if they see something like a toy
on the floor they want they will probably leave your grasp and go. Also when carrying them,
always carry them firmly so that if they do try to jump they don’t escape your grasp. Also be
careful that they don’t climb up on furniture when they are so small. A jump from the chair or sofa
is too much for a tiny puppy. It is very important especially when grooming your baby to have a
firm grip on them. They are so curious and will leap out of your arm in the blink of an eye
especially when your combing, bathing or drying them. A small fall to a tiny on a hard surface,
even just a few feet off the ground could prove to be deadly, so always be aware with a CLASPED
fingers grip on your baby at all times!


Grooming is one of the most important areas of good care to a Yorkie Puppy. Yorkies are one of
the most high-maintenance dogs in full coat. However, thanks to grooming salons, you don’t have
to keep them in full coat. Yorkies become very unhappy as a matted mess, so it is important that
they visit the groomer on a regular basis. Once every 1-2 months should suffice. If you decide
that you want to keep your Yorkies long coated, well then on top of the 1-2 month groomer
maintenance, you should prepare to comb your baby on a daily basis with a comb and a brush.
Also make sure to clean their eyes every day. Yorkies in full coats need a bath at least twice a
month to maintain cleanliness. I bathe mine once a week.


This is clearly common sense!!! DO NOT allow young children to run or roughhouse when the
puppy is around. They can trip or fall on the puppy causing serious injury. Have children sit on
the floor when holding the puppy; they can wiggle out of the child’s arms and fall or jump to the

Yorkies are a toy dog, so he/she is very small. But to a hawk he is a rabbit and a meal. If ever you
see big birds in the sky, do not take your Tiny outside. I have heard dusk and dawn are the big
feeding time for hawks so I do not take my Yorkies outside then. Yorkies also seem to have the
instinct that big birds are predators and will look toward the sky when hawks are there. Bigger
dogs naturally seem to NOT like Yorkies because they honestly do not know what they are, a
friend or foe. To a big dog, a Yorkie may be viewed as a cat or rabbit or even a big rat. I do not
allow my Yorkies to associate with big dogs they do not know very well and I am always cautious
even then.


Females and males can be sterilized upon reaching 6 months old, but you can wait a few months
longer. I suggest that you consult with your veterinarian before deciding when to do this.


Puppies will chew. That’s what dogs do, so if you leave something within his reach, he thinks it is fair
game to be chewed up. So, put everything you don’t want chewed out of his reach. Buy toys of different
textures to satisfy his chewing yearnings. And the ONLY chewies I recommend are YAK Cheese Chews.

Your puppy will need vaccinations and routine worming. I will provide you with your puppy’s current
records. Consult your Veterinarian. I recommend protecting your puppy from Heartworm if you take your
Yorkie outside a lot. I would prefer if you look at natural remedies on the market, like Lemongrass, or
peppermint oils or sprays to put on your baby over Heartworm meds. My Yorkies are personnally inside
Yorkies. They do go for covered stroller rides and car trips, but rarely are they on the ground. I DO NOT
recommend flea & tick medications even as a preventative. This is a pesticide which can be toxic and
deadly and unless absolutely needed it is not my recommendation. I DO NOT recommend the Lepto
shot. If your vet wants to administer this vaccine to your Yorkie….FIND ANOTHER VET! This is
negligence and lack of experience with Yorkies, (5 lbs. and under). This shot could possibly kill a Yorkie!
FIND ANOTHER VET, don’t settling for inappropriate care!
Besides Leptospirosis, by far one of the MOST dangerous vaccines on the market to a tiny/small dog.
Many times this vaccine causes proven neurological damage to a tiny/small dog such as a permanent
seizure disorder, CANCERS, and PARALYSIS, also noted outcome of this vaccine is newly diagnosed Heart
Problems months after administration of the rabies vaccine that can lead to death. This vaccine given
year after year after year especially in FULL 1CC DOSAGE begins to chip away at their immune system.
Continued administered rabies vaccines year after year will cause irreparable damage as well. Most
dogs under 5 pounds should NOT receive more than 3 total in a lifetime – 1/2 cc’s at a given dose per year!
Tinies/Smalls vets will not acknowledge this problem however there have been irrefutable evidence,
proven by neurologists that diagnosed seizure disorders due to this vaccine. (this is a touchy subject in
the dog world as it is not socially correct to acknowledge this in the dog world) The worst problem comes
from full doses. Lethargy, lack of appetite, eye twitching, Rabies symptoms, seizure disorder, cardio
myopathy, Head tilting, walking incoherent, has been known to incur months after this vaccine has been
administered. When this vaccine is administered to a tiny/small dog in full dose form the worst being a 3
year vaccine, you can bet on problems, within a few months after administration. If your tiny/small dog
must receive this vaccine, you must seek out the advice of a seasoned vet that understands that a full
rabies vaccine is detrimental to the health of these tiny/small dogs. A smaller dosage is vital to your dog’s
well-being. Make the decision for the sake of your dog’s life and stay proactive!
There is a misconception by those not well versed in Tinies/Small Breeds like Yorkies that Shark teeth
are a bad thing! Well this is ignorance on a vet’s part and a buyers part. Double rows of teeth are
“expected” in ALL Yorkies or dogs with shorter muzzles. This is handled at the spay and neuter
appointment. At the time the vet puts your baby under sedation by gas (NEVER INTRAVENOUS) to
spay/neuter he or she will also remove retained baby teeth and do a cleaning at this time.
**Cleaning Products and Pesticides in the home**,
I recommend to my clients not to use anything harsher around ANY AREA OF THE HOME that your
baby comes into contact with other than a green cleaner that is safe for a human to ingest. If and only it’s
safe for you to drink, then it’s safe to use around your puppy. That includes floor cleaning, furniture
cleaning, bathroom cleaning if the pup can come in contact with anything in the bathroom, kitchen
cleaning, Pesticides in the home or ANYTHING that the pup is able to come into contact with any
pesticide-treated area of the home is also a big NO. Keep the pup away from any area in your home

treated with any pesticides. Keep the pesticides on the exterior of the home where the pup will NOT be
allowed to roam – EVER!!!

Sweet Bella Babies Promise to You

I make a commitment to stay in touch with you for the life of your Yorkie, and I ask the same of you. I
also ask if you ever have any concerns or questions that you please contact me. It is very important to
me to know how your Yorkie is growing and maturing. My main goal is to produce healthy, happy puppies,
and to place them in warm, loving, caring homes. I love to stay in touch with my Yorkie Puppy Buyers
and love to receive updates and photos of your Yorkie Baby! If for any reason you do not wish to keep
your Yorkie puppy or believe that it is not right for you, please contact us. We, my husband and I, love
our Yorkies very much and will gladly take her/him back, no questions asked. But my goal is to do the
proper match, so your baby has hopefully found their “FUREVER HOME”.